Automated Message Actions - Add More Power To Your Responses

TextPower's new Automated Message Actions allows you to create custom responses for various mobile originated (MO) messages.  Any keyword that is set up to "POST" its content to a predetermined URL can now use multiple additional words to either POST to a different URL, send an automated response back to the sender - or both.  
Imagine being able to promote to your end users that to get a link to the current outage map they can just text MAP.  Or if they want to switch the language of their bills they can text SPANISH.  Or if they want to know what your office hours are before they come in they can just text HOURS.
This means that you can have us configure specific words to generate specific actions when the number sending the MO is opted into a keyword.  For example, a number might be opted into the keyword "ELECTRIC."  If that number texts "CHAT" or "MAP" or "SPANISH" or some other word that we have configured in our system (and we can easily add more words) we can respond to the MO in one of three ways.  We can:
  1. POST the MO to a URL that you provide so that your system can take specific action.
  2. Send an automated response back to that number (which you can write).
  3. Forward the MO to an email address
  4. Do any combination - POST the MO, send an automated response and/or forward the MO to any email address.
This offers you significant flexibility.  In addition to the standard OUT, OUTAGE, BLINK, STATUS, BAL and BALANCE Action Words that we configure system-wide we can also set these other words up to perform actions specific to the keyword the sender is opted into.  This can save you a lot of time and incoming phone calls from people who want to get an outage MAP, CHAT online (we'll provide a link to your chat app), learn the company's office HOURS and much more.
These Automated Message Actions can even be handled when the number sending them is opted into multiple keywords. The system looks at incoming messages (MOs) to see if it is opted into one of the keywords set up as a POST routing for outages. If so, and the message contains either an outage-related message or a message that contains one of the Automated Message Actions, our system's logic will use that routing for that MO. 
In other words even though the number is opted into multiple keywords we will not have to send back a message to the user saying something like, "You are opted into multiple keywords.  Reply ELECTRIC OUT, SNOW OUT or LEAF OUT."  It will "just work."  
Automated Message Actions are exclusive to TextPower and are a powerful and helpful service.  It can reduce the number of incoming phone calls and improve customer satisfaction. Contact us by emailing to inquire about how we can set this up for you.