MO POST Contents

Mobile-originated messages can be set up to be forwarded to any URL (typically a server) in a process called a "POST."  TextPower's standard format for the POST's payload looks like the following example.  Note that each parameter is separated by the "&" symbol.  


Let's break down each of these parameters to explain their individual components:

  • UID=MyUtilityCompanyID (Your login ID)
  • PWD=!12345-zxcv@ (Your login password)
  • CellNumber=9876543210 (The cell phone number that sent the message)
  • Carrier=31003 (The cell phone carrier that services this number)
  • ShortCode=99999 (The short code on which the message was sent to our system)
  • Message=OUT (Content of the message)
  • KW=Keyword (The keyword that this number is opted into)
  • StickyID=0 (For TextPower internal use)
  • UserNum=999 (A number assigned to you by the TextPower system)
  • ReceiveID=987654 (The number assigned to the MO by the TextPower system)
  • RouteHint=0 (Provided for assistance in parsing the data in the API payload)

POSTs will always be sent in this format, making the data easy to extract and parse as needed.