How Do I: Use the Address Book

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How Do I Add A Person to The Address Book?

How Do I Change Someone's Information In The Address Book?

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When using AlertDispatcher Pro there are no opt-ins, keywords, files to upload or software integrations.  You simply enter people's names and phone numbers in the Address Book and you're ready to go.  The Address Book can be accessed on the left-side menu of the app's main window and when opened will look like this: AlertDispatcherPro-AddressBook.jpg

Each of the numbered items offers an easy way to manage the names and numbers in your Address Book list:

  1. This dropdown menu allows you to limit the list to only members of certain groups, making it easy to manage those groups.
  2. You can show all of the people and numbers in your Address Book or search by a particular number, group name or person's name.
  3. Once you've selected the criteria for your list (unless you want to show all groups and not search for any particular number or person) click the "Show List" button.  When you change your search criteria click that button again and it will refresh the list with the results from the new search criteria.  
  4. An indicator showing the total number of records that meet that search criteria.
  5. The Address Book entries' names.
  6. The Address Book entries' phone numbers.
  7. Any groups in which that Address Book entry is part.
  8. Clicking that gear icon brings up the "Manage Contacts" screen for that particular entry where you can add or modify information.  If you are adding entries just click the "Save and Add Another" button - your entry will be saved and that box will stay open for you to enter another one.  Add or remove that contact to a group by just checking/unchecking the box next to the group name.

    The Manage Contacts box looks like this: AlertDispatcherPro-ManageContacts-ExistingContact.jpg

You can add contacts, delete them entirely (by clicking the trash can icon) or modify them easily in this address book.  Use the Search function to find the one you want to modify quickly or scroll through them manually.