How Do I: Send A Message

There are two methods for sending messages from the TextPower system:

-  One method is to use your existing enterprise software systems to communicate with TextPower and use our APIs (applications programming interface) to send messages.  Find more information about our  APIs HERE and HERE.

 -  Another method is to use our AlertManagerPro application.  This FAQ discusses the use of AlertManagerPro for sending a message. Once you have entered the message that you want to send, decided whether to send it to the entire list of opted in numbers or to a specific group and when to send the message - immediately or sometime in the future - you'll want to send the message.  (Note that if you have scheduled the message to be sent later the "Send Message" button will actually put the messages into a queue for sending at that time instead of sending it immediately.)

Sending the message is simple - just click the "Send Message" button at the bottom of the Send Messages page:


After clicking the Send Message button as illustrated above a "second chance" dialog will appear allowing you to cancel your action if you have made a mistake (e.g., sending to the entire list of opted-in numbers when you meant to send to only a specific group).  If you are sure you want to take the action, click the "Send" button.  The "X" in the message will be replaced with the actual number of messages and/or emails that will be sent if you click "Send":AlertManager-SecondChanceSendWarning.jpg

At this point your messages have been sent (or scheduled to be sent later if you have chosen that option).  After you click "Send" you will see a confirmation message like this (again showing an "X" in that will be replaced with the actual number of messages and/or emails that will be sent):


AlertManagerPro automatically removes all text from the "Send This Message" field after your message has been sent.  This confirmation is just a reminder not to send it again - your message has been sent (or queued for later sending) to the numbers and/or email addresses you have selected.  

That's all it takes.  You're done sending this message and can create/schedule/send another.