How Do I: Access/View/Download Sent Message Reports

TextPower's main reporting functions are being moved to our AlertManager app.  The reporting function allows you to specify a date range, show the messages right there in the app and download them in either Excel or PDF format.  

Login with the same credentials you use for the portal:


  1. Click the "Message Report" icon on the left side navigation after logging in.  AlertManager-MessageReport-ClickMessageReport.jpg
  2. Select a date range - you can choose one greater (or less than) the previous three-day limit and then click the "Show List" button below it (a handy "Show Today's List" button is there if you just want a snapshot of today's data).AlertManager-MessageReport--SelectDateRangeAndClickShowList.jpg
  3. The results will appear on the page(s) in the app and will also offer the option of downloading the report in a PDF or Excel format.  AlertManager-MessageReport--DownloadInPDForExcel.jpg
  4. Be sure to specify "All" in the drop-down menu if you choose to download instead of view the messages; the downloaded report will contain only the records shown on that page.  If there are many thousands of records for that date range it may take a minute to populate the page.  (NOTE: The page will display a maximum of 20K records - if you need additional records please contact our support team.)AlertManager-MessageReport--SelectAll.jpg
  5. The number at the bottom of the page will specify exactly how many messages were sent.  AlertManager-MessageReport--TotalNumberOfRecords.jpg
  6. Click the "Excel" or "PDF" button at the top next to "Download file of all displayed records here:"


That's all it takes - you can create a report of all your sent messages in a minute.