How Do I: Upload a File/List of Numbers

Uploading files is easy.  You can find detailed information about the formatting of files and the use of tags to create groups in THIS FAQ, but the basics are simple:

  1. Don't put any headers in the first row (Row 1 of your spreadsheet).
  2. Put all the phone numbers in Column A.  They should all contain 10 digits (no international numbers and all numbers must have the area code).  You can use punctuation if you want (e.g., 987-654-3210 or (987)654-3210, etc.) or just plain digits (9876543210).
  3. Put whatever tags you want assigned to that number in Columns B, C, D, etc.  You can have as many tags as you want and each tag can contain up to 75 characters.  No spaces are allowed in tag names and only dashes ("-") or hyphens ("-") are allowed.  Underscores, periods, commas, etc., are prohibited.  (Note that you can use the minus symbol IN FRONT OF a tag to remove it from that phone number) or IN FRONT OF a phone number to opt it out of the keyword. Here's an example:Example-FileUploadShowingMinusToRemoveNumbersAndTags.jpg
  4. Save your file as a ".CSV" file (comma-delimited)
  5. Login to the customer portal using the credentials provided in your QuickStart Guide.
  6. Go to the Campaigns>Up/Download Optins menu item as shown here:Example-UploadFileMenuItem.jpg
  7. On the Uploads page choose the keyword to which you want the numbers added:Example-FileUpload-ChooseKeyword.jpg
  8. Click the "Choose File" button.Example-FileUploadChooseFileButton.jpg
  9. After you choose the file from your computer that you want to use the name of it will appear next to the "Choose File" button: Example-FileUploadShowingFileName.jpg
  10. Click the "Upload File" button.Example-FileUpload-ClickFileUploadButton.jpg
  11. Enter an email address in the "Send Results to Email" field.  You can enter more than one if you separate them with commas.
  12. Click the "Begin Bulk Number Upload" button.Example-FileUpload-BeginBulkUploadButton.jpg

You're done.  An email will be sent to you when the file has entered the queue and another one when the file is done processing.