How Do I: Create a group or add a number to a group

Adding a group is simple.  After you login to AlertManager follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Manage List" button on the left-side navigation bar to go to that page. AlertManager-ManageListScreen.jpg
  2. Enter any number that want to be added to the group you are creating in the "Search for Number/Emali" field and hit Enter or click the blue "Search for Number/Email" button.AlertManager-SearchForNumberToDetermineOptInStatus.jpg

  3. Whether the number is opted in or not you will see a "Groups" section appear with a button "Add Groups to Number/Email".  To add a new group simply enter the name of the group in that field.  No spaces or symbols are allowed, just alphabetic and numeric characters.AlertManager-NumberIsNotOptedIn.jpg
  4. If the number has already been opted in Click the blue "Update Groups" button.   If the number has not yet been opted in click the "Opt-In Number/Email" button. AlertManager-GroupUpdateHasBeenSaved.jpg
    1. If the number was already opted in then the group will be added to the number.
    2. If the number has not yet been opted in then clicking the "Opt-In Number/Email" button will simultaneously opt-in the number, create the group and add the newly opted in number to that group.
  5. To add a number to a group that already exists follow steps 1 & 2 and the click the green "Add Groups to Number/Email button instead of typing the name into the field next to it.  AlertManager-NumberIsOptedIn.jpg
    1. Click the checkbox next to the name of the group you want to add to that number and then click the blue "Change" button.  The group name will then appear in the field next to the green "Add group(s) to Number/Email" button.AlertManager-GroupSelectionBox.jpg
    2. Click the "Update Groups" button to complete the process.  AlertManager-AddAlreadyCreatedGroupToNumber.jpg

Adding a group or creating a new group to add to a number takes just a few seconds.  You can also remove groups from a number just by clicking the small "x" in the group name that appears when you search for that number.  

All of these steps are also outlined in the bullet points below the Groups field on the Manage List page.