Updating Opt-in Lists (synchronizing databases)

TextPower's system works on the basis of numbers being opted-in to receive messages.  We follow this procedure in accordance with carrier regulations, TCPA laws and common sense.  Using opt-ins lists and procedures avoids sending text messages to mobile numbers that have not requested them, have not signed up for them or have specifically requested that we stop sending them.  

There are many ways, outlined below, that you, our customer, can add/remove/modify numbers and tags.  Any numbers that are opted in by the mobile user by texting a keyword will automatically be in our system.  If they opt-in that way it records on our system as an opt-in and adds the number to your database.

The same action occurs if they use a widget on your website (for which we provide the code so that you can easily embed an opt-in mechanism on your web page) or if you upload a file containing numbers to our system periodically.  Regardless of how the number is entered they all ultimately become part of your opt-in database.  

If there are mobile numbers from customers that have not been opted in by the mobile user (which is a very common circumstance) that is a different matter.  Those numbers frequently come as a result of new customers being added to your accounting system or from additional numbers that want to participate in the outage reporting and notification system.  In that case it is up to you to get those numbers into the opt-in database.

In order to add (or remove, or add tags or take other actions) numbers to your TextPower opt-in database you can do it one of several ways:

  1. You can periodically upload a file of numbers.  There are detailed FAQs about how to do this but in short you can use this file to add or remove numbers to your database, suspend or reactivate numbers and add or remove tags to/from numbers.  This is the simplest method and is used by most utilities.  The frequency will depend on how many changes there are to your list of numbers (e.g., members canceling service or adding new accounts) and how tightly you want to control the synchronization of your list with our system.  Most utilities find it convenient to do a file upload monthly unless their load is heavier in which case they do it weekly.  Some do it daily but those are rare.
  2. We have APIs that allow you to program this to occur automatically.  If you have someone with modest programming skills on staff who is familiar with API calls our robust and fully documented API set allows you to establish a process whereby any number that is added to your accounting system will be automatically uploaded to the TextPower system.  Those same APIs can be used to remove numbers and add/remove tags, too.
  3. If you are a utility your OMS provider may handle this for you if you are using the same provider for your CIS.  Many of our partners’ integrations incorporate a process that does this.  We recommend checking with your provider to see if this is the case for you.  
  4. TextPower's web app, AlertManager, allows you to add, delete and update mobile numbers in your opt-in list.  If you are unfamiliar with AlertManager you can access our FAQs about it HERE.

For more individual assistance about keeping opt-in lists updated and in sync with your own data feel free to contact us via email.  If our support team cannot answer your question we will arrange a phone call with one of TextPower's team members who can give you more detailed information.