Statistics and Reports - Where to find your numbers

Whether you are giving a presentation or compiling a report about the effectiveness of your TextPower messaging campaigns you'll need information.  We provide them to you in two different ways:

  1. The Comprehensive Phone Number Report - This report is emailed to you automatically every month, or more frequently if you have requested it.  You can also download the report whenever you want the most updated information.  The report contains all of the phone numbers in the following categories:
    1. All currently opted in numbers and every tag associated with that number
    2. Every number that has ever opted out
    3. Landline numbers that have been in the files that you've uploaded (we check all numbers to see whether they are mobiles and can receive messages and those that are not are stored so that we don't have to check them again)
    4. All email addresses that are opted into your keyword (if you didn't know you could send emails through our system find out more HERE)
  2. On our customer portal - you'll find many different sources of information here.  The most commonly used statistics and reports are:
    1. Your current and past month statistics showing opt-ins and opt-outs.  You can find this in the Message Data/See Optin Stats menu item.  It will look something like this:Screen_Shot_2019-01-17_at_12.17.28_PM.jpg
    2. Current message counts can be found in Message Data/Msg Stats-Current.  There you can see your mobile-originated messages (MOs) and messages sent to mobiles (mobile-terminated messages, or MTs).  The statistics will look something like this:Screen_Shot_2019-01-17_at_12.25.39_PM.jpg
    3. You can also see a log of the messages that you've sent and received, although those will only go back a few days.  If you are interested in getting all of the messages you receive (that end-users send to you) forwarded to you as emails you can do that very easily.  See THIS.

There is a lot of additional information on the portal but these are the most popular areas.  If you need more information about any of this data contact us by email or call 888.818.1808 x2 for technical support.