Check Number History - View every opt-in, opt-out, POST, reply, etc., for any number

There may be times when you want to see all of the activity that has occurred on a particular number that's been on the TextPower system.  We created a web page on our customer portal that shows the "history" of that number and have now released it for your use so that you can troubleshoot occasional problems with mobile users yourself if you wish.  It's easy to use and contains a lot of helpful information.

Start by going to the TextPower customer portal.  Once you've logged in:

  1. Enter the phone number for which you'd like to view the activity in the field at the top "Cell Number."
  2. If you have more than one keyword on your campaign (most customers don't but you might) select the keyword for which you want to see this phone number's activity in the "Keyword" drop-down menu.
  3. The "Use Times:" option defaults to your local time (which is set in the My Account>Password/Time Zone menu).  The other option, "Server Time," may be helpful in troubleshooting when working with TextPower personnel.  
  4. The "Sort Order" option allows you to see the oldest first (Ascending) or newest first (Descending).
  5. The "Get Old Data" option allows you to access the TextPower archives if the data you are looking for doesn't appear in the list of activities accessible through the standard data access.  
  6. Click the "Track Number" button and the activities for that number will appear in the list below, showing the event (an MO or MT, an opt-in or opt-out, etc.).  Note that there is a legend at the very bottom of the page that explains all of the abbreviations in the list.  


We hope that this is helpful.  We use it internally quite often and thought that you would find it handy, too.