2. AlertDispatcher - How can I use it?

The uses for AlertDispatcher are numerous. The wonderful advantage of AlertDispatcher is that it works with people's regular cell phones that they have with them all the time. In addition, it is much cheaper than using pagers. Here are just a few examples.

  • You are a business that needs to quickly alert select groups of people outside of business hours for emergencies such as an outage of a critical server, damage to a facility, medical emergency etc. You may need to have separate lists for managers and non-managers and AlertDispatcher will allow you to do this easily through the "Groups" function.
  • You are in charge of a small police department or volunteer fire department that needs to notify people quickly of emergencies in progress. If you are a large organization, you may need other TextPower emergency alerting services but for small operations, AlertDispatcher is ideal.
  • You are an athletic director of a high school that frequently needs to contact players, coaches, officials and parents quickly for weather related schedule changes. This is pretty common for spring sports such as baseball, softball and track that experience frequent weather forced re-scheduling and cancellations.