5. AlertDispatcher - Receiving Messages

If enabled, AlertDispatcher can receive responses sent by text message into the TextPower system. These messages can be sent by anyone who is in the Address Book simply by replying to a message sent to them by AlertDispatcher. Messages will be retrieved when the Receive Messagestab is selected. If you are already on the Receive Messages tab, simply click the Get Messages button. If there are any received messages waiting to be delivered, an icon with the number of waiting messages will appear in the upper right of the application.


You may be notified, if you wish, with a sound of your choice when a message comes in. Select your preferred sound via the selector at the bottom of the My Account tab. Save your selected sound by clicking the Select Sound button. The selected sound, if any, plays every 20 seconds until the Get Messages button is clicked. Note that if you are working on another tab, clicking to the Receine/Reply Messages tab will both get the waiting messages and extinguish the message waiting icon.

Replying to Received Messages

To reply to any incoming message from the Receive Messages tab, click the BLUE ARROW on any line. This puts that cell number in the Cell Numbers to send to: box. After you have all the cell numbers that you want to send to in the box, just put the message in the Message to sendbox and click the Send Reply button.

Thread View

Normal view simply lists the incoming messages. However, in many cases, you will want to send a reply that is a part of a conversation. If you want to see the whole conversation on a particular number, click the BLUE ARROW on one of the reply messages that you have gotten from that number. This puts that number in the Cell Numbers to send to box just like a reply. If there is one and only one, number in the box, you may click the Thread View check box. You will then be presented with a time ordered sequence of both sent and received messages making it easy to visualize the entire conversation.