4. AlertDispatcher - Sending Messages

To send messages you must first select the numbers to be sent to. Numbers come from the Address Book so before you can send to numbers, you must add them to your Address Book. You select numbers by clicking the check box following each number or group. As you do, the selection count line, just to the right of the Address Book display, will display the number of messages you will be sending. You will have to move the mouse outside the Address Book area to see the number count update. Entries in the Address Book table are denoted as either "I" for individual or "G" for Group entries. Clicking a Group Entry adds all members of that group to the list. If an individual number is part of more that one selected group the system will ensure that only a single message is sent to any specific number.

You can add numbers that are not in your Address Book by entering it in the narrow box just above the larger message box. Check the Add Extra Number box to have it added.

Entering a Message

To enter a simple message, just enter it in the message box.

To enter a message containing TextPower's PowerText functions, click the Add Special Functions button. A separate window will open to enter the message. After you verify the message in that box, click Save in that box and the text will be returned to the Alert Dispatcher box. PowerText functions allow you to add codes, dates and other variables as well as to send up to 8000 characters in a message.

Sending the Message

To send the message, simply click the Send Message box. See below for a visual illustration.

Visual illustration of sending

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