3. AlertDispatcher - Operational Basics

AlertDispatcher is a web based app. You need Internet access to use it as well as an appropriate account with TextPower. No code is installed on your own machine although you do have to allow at least temporary cookies to use it.

It provides sending and receiving of text messages though an address book. The Address Book is stored on the secure TextPower server. You may add, delete or change your Address Book entries at any time. You may also organize any of your Address Book entries into Address Book Groups for convenient and quick sending to multiple recipients.

The application is organized around tabs which are listed at the top. Different functions are organized onto various tabs.

Information such as Address Book entries and Address Book Group information is displayed in tabular format. In most cases, the column headers on the tabular display blocks can be sorted. If the title has a link on it, you can click the title to sort the entries. Clicking the title again will sort the entries in the opposite direction.

NOTE: All cell numbers in the examples have been intentionally obscured for privacy reasons in this documentation package. Cell numbers are not obscured in the actual application.