AlertManager - Send Messages tab

TextPower's AlertManager Send Alerts Tab

The Send Alerts tab is where you will spend most of your time when running AlertManager. This is where you compose and send your alerts To see an anotated display of the Send Alerts Tab, click here.

Sending an Alert Messsage

To send an alert out, just enter your message in the box provided and click Send above Message. This builds a send package for your numbers and begins sending it almost immediately. You may queue only one immediate send message at a time. When the current immediate send completes, you may queue another one.

Message Builder

By clicking the message builder button, you can more easily use the TextPower PowerText™ functions. Select the function and it will either just be inserted for the simpler ones or you will get a helper display to make it easier to construct them. You also will get a corrected message length as the message will be after the PowerText™ substitutions have been completed.

Sending a deferred Alert Message

To send your message at a later time, enter the date in the Date box and select a time in the Time Zone, Hour and Minute boxes. Your message will be sent at the designated date and time. You may queue more than one deferred messsage. This must be done before clicking on the Send above

Send Limit Status

For accounts doing recurring messages, you must commit to a maximum number of messages when each client Opts In. That number is displayed in the Send Limit area. As long as the Status for next send is OK, your send will be allowed to proceed.

Current Deferred Sends

Your list of pending deferred sends is listed in this area. You may click on the edit icon for any un-sent job and either change the message or cancel the send at any time.

Sending by Group

If you are using the Grouping ability of AlertManager, you will see your defined groups in the Group Send Options box. If you do not wish to narrow your send to particular groups, set the None option. If you do want to send only to specific groups, click the Group(s) option and then select each group that you want to include on  the send. This must be done before clicking on the Send above
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