AlertManager - Uses and Features

What kind of uses can I make of TextPower's AlertManager?

The uses that can be made of AlertManager are numerous. The wonderful advantage of AlertManager is that it works with people's regular cell phones that they have with them all the time. In addition, it has the ability to handle Email. You can create large bulk sends for immediate sending or for sending at any designated time in the future. In addition, you may send to any particular portion of your of your list by using group tags. An unlimited number of group tags are permitted on each account. These bulk sends can be used for any MMA compliant program such as mobile marketing or genral alert services.

What are the primary features of AlertManager?

  • Bulk Sends using the fastest means available today for rapid delivery of your messages.
  • Email Sends in addition to Text Message (SMS) sends.
  • Select the time for your send.
  • Queue up multiple sends using the deferred send capability. If you do three promotions a week, set them all up on Monday morning for the week and just let them run. You may cancel or alter deferred sends at any time before the send actually begins.
  • Easily add clients to your lists. For SMS clients, they may send a message to your keyword or sign up on a web site. For Email clients, you may import them directly or sign them up on a web site.
  • Create groups for sending so you can sub-section your client list to your needs.*
  • If you are a multi-location business, you may request collection of a numeric store code on your SMS sign ups. The store code will automatically be created as a group tag for that number. Future sends can be targeted to one or more store codes, if you wish.
  • Easily remove any number you wish from your client list. TextPower also supports, of course, all carrier required mechanisms of stopping service as well as help messages on each keyword or service.
  • Easily review the status, including phone delivery confirmations, of your sends. Note that not all US Cell Carriers support confirmation of the message delivery.
  • Custom branding with  your own logo for individual customers.

*Any tag associated with a phone number remains in the system until it is proactively removed by a TextPower customer (not the end-user; they cannot remove tags).  Tags can be removed in several ways such as by uploading a file, using AlertManager's List Maintenance function, using an API call, etc.  Note that only alphanumeric tags, not numeric-only tags such as location IDs, are displayed in the "Group" lists in AlertManager.  AlertManager is designed to send messages to groups, not individuals, so displaying location IDs that are associated with just one or two phone numbers is not permitted in AlertManager.  

AlertManager also supports re-seller operation. Re-seller mode for AlertManager provides addtional options for white label branding, use of your own URL and accounting features necessary for re-sellers. If you would like to be a re-seller for TextPower Alert Services contact

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