AlertManager - Overview

Basic Purpose

TextPower's AlertManager is designed for those users who need to send cell phone (SMS) and email text messages on an opt-in basis for alerting or marketing purposes. AlertManager provides a single interface to cleanly accomplish these functions in a user friendly and efficient manner.

Who qualifies to use TextPower's AlertManager?

If you have an account with TextPower with an approved opt-in campaign, usage of AlertManager is a no cost option for you. You may use the customer web pages for some of the same functions but AlertManager gives you access to the entire suite of features that TextPower provides for these types of campaigns.

What kind of messages can I send?

You can send any messages that are pertinent to your business or club that are allowed by carrier and MMA regulations for mobile marketing.. It is specifically prohibited to send any messages related to alcohol or drug use, gambling activity or messages with any pornographic or adult material in them.

What kind of computers does TextPower's AlertManager support?

TextPower's AlertManager is web based. You can run it on Windows PCs, Macs, Linux machines, Sun Workstations, etc. All common, relatively modern browsers are supported. TextPower recommends at least Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 3+. All these are available via free download. TextPower's AlertManager will run on many earlier browsers also such as IE 6 with only slight degradation.

Penalties for misuse

For account misuse of the provisions above or for any customer complaint delivered to TextPower either directly or via a carrier, you account may be suspended immediately without notice. No refunds will be provided in case of cutoff of service due to violation of either US Carrier and TextPower policies.

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