1. AlertDispatcher - Overview


AlertDispatcher is designed for users who need to send text messages to employees, field personnel or others that do not require the recipient to "opt-in" to receive messages. AlertDispatcher allows direct sending to any cell phone number as well as to most USA Mobility pagers. An address book is supported which provides a simple way of maintaining individual names and their associated numbers and groups of numbers to make bulk sending simple.

Who qualifies to use AlertDispatcher?

If you are part of a tightly affiliated group such as a corporation, a club with tightly controlled membership or other such group, you could be eligible to use AlertDispatcher. All recipients of your messages must be known to you personally and they should know that you are going to send them messages. AlertDispatcher is normally limited to sending 30 messages at a time and the address book is normally limited to 50 entries. For special cases above these limits, contact TextPower directly.

What kind of messages can I send?

You can send any messages that are pertinent to your business or club. You are prohibited from sending any messages containing marketing material, any messages related to alcohol or drug use, gambling activity or messages with any pornographic or adult material in them.

What kind of computers can run AlertDispatcher?

AlertDispatcher is web-based so it can run on Windows PCs, Macs, Linux machines, Sun Workstations, etc. All common, relatively modern browsers are supported. TextPower recommends at least Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 3+. All these are available via free download. AlertDispatcher will run on many earlier browsers also such as IE 6 with only slight degradation.

Can people send messages back?

Yes, they can. People who are in your address book can send messages back to you. You can respond to them again and create a conversation much like an Instant Message (IM) exchange using text messaging.

Account Types

AlertDispatcher accounts are issued either for unlimited use on a post pay basis or for limited use on a prepaid basis. For prepaid accounts, once you exhaust your purchased messages, the application will no longer send messages. You can always add additional messages by paying for them in advance.

Penalties for misuse

For account misuse of the provisions above or for any customer complaint delivered to TextPower either directly or via a carrier, you account will be suspended immediately without notice. No refunds will be provided in case of cutoff of service due to violation of US cellular carrier and/or TextPower policies.