How Can I Tell If A Number Is A Cell Phone Or Landline Number?

You can always double-check whether a number is a cell phone in one of two easy ways:

  1. Login to the customer portal and go to the "Campaigns>Phone # Check".  Just enter the number where it says "Mobile Number - Look it up!" and you will get a response back telling you whether or not that number is assigned to a cell phone.
  2. Send a text message from any phone to short code 81888 - it does not have to be opted into any keywords on the TextPower system - with the word "lookup" followed by the phone number you are questioning.  For example text "lookup 9995551212" and a reply text will be sent telling you whether that number is a cell phone number.

There is no charge associated with either method (other than the possible charge for sending a text when using #2 - as with all text messages, message and data rates may apply).