Opt-In Methods: How a customer's mobile number can get into your lists

There are several different ways of getting a mobile number opted into a keyword.  Some are actions that are taken by the mobile user and others are actions that you can take on behalf of the mobile user ("customer actions").

  1. Mobile-user Actions:
    1. The most straightforward method is for the mobile user to text that keyword from their cell phone to the short code that you are using (in many cases that is one of TextPower's shared short codes such as 85700 or 81888).  This mobile-originated ("MO") message generates a response from our system called a "UserReply" that is configurable through the customer portal.  This same user reply is sent whenever the keyword is included in the first two words of an MO sent to the short code.  You can also activate an option to send a "Auto-Welcome" message that will be sent only the first time that someone texts the keyword into the system.
    2. The mobile user can opt-in by entering their mobile number into our web signup widget or signup page.  TextPower provides the code to embed that widget or link to the signup page into any of your web pages.  When the user does that a passcode will be sent to the mobile number that must then be entered into a field that will appear on the web page where they first entered their number.  This prevents spamming.  
  2. Customer Actions:
    1. Use our web-based AlertManager app to import numbers by going to the "List Management" tab and entering the number in the box labeled "Import Numbers." After entering as many numbers as you want to import - you can import one or 1000 - click the "Import" button below that box. The system will look up each number and will determine whether they are mobile numbers; any that are not will be rejected and you will see a status in a few seconds that says how many numbers were successfully imported and how many were not (because they are not mobile numbers or because they have previously opted out).
    2. Upload a spreadsheet with that number on it by using the "Upload Opt-in" function on the customer portal.
    3. Use an API call to automate the opt-in.  
    4. Access the "Database Touch-up" feature (available Q2 2019) on the customer portal.  This allows you to enter or remove numbers from a keyword's opt-in list as well as performing other functions such as adding/removing tags, suspending/reactivating numbers, etc.  

There are additional things that you can do when importing numbers such as assigning numbers to "tags" or "groups" - we suggest you read the other FAQs about opt-ins and working with lists for various tips and helpful suggestions.

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