High speed throughput dramatically increased

Speed matters.  Whether it's the 40-yard stopwatch on a football prospect, the 0-60 MPH time on a sportscar or how many words per minute you can type, faster is usually better.  When it comes to sending text messages to large numbers of people, faster is definitely better. 

For years TextPower has been sending messages reliably and quickly.  We have the ability to automatically re-send a message if it has been sent to a carrier from which the end-user has moved (e.g., they've changed from AT&T to Verizon Wireless or from Verizon Wireless to Sprint, etc.) and our mission-critical infrastructure with dual server clusters - one on each side of the Mississippi River for safety - provides unsurpassed reliability.  

And we've always prided ourselves on our speed.  But now we have even more to brag about.  Our bulk send (where the same message is sent to multiple numbers) speeds when using a short code have been increased dramatically.  Users of text-enabled toll-free numbers can now expect speeds of up to 60 messages per second!  Users of short codes, which are designed specifically for higher-volume applications, can now experience speeds of up to 300 messages per SECOND

Simply put, this means that if you have to alert, say, 10,000 people about a power outage, a security situation, an incoming storm or a school closure, you can do that in LESS THAN A MINUTE on a short code and just three minutes on a text-enabled toll-free number! No other method can communicate as fast and as directly as text messaging and no other company does it better than TextPower.  

And remember this: 95% of text messages are opened.  90% are opened in less than three minutes.  You can't say that about email, voicemail or other communication methods.

So when speed matters, choose text messaging.  And when the quality of text messaging matters, choose TextPower.