Communications Assurance Program (CAP)

It's easy to get started sending text messages to your customers or employees.  TextPower offers the Communications Assurance Program (CAP) that does it quickly and effectively.  

TextPower assists you in uploading a complete list of numbers to your account so that you can send messages to that list or so that numbers that send messages to you (such as an outage message for a utility or a request for a delayed appearance for a court).  Without numbers being opted into your account, which occurs by them being assigned a "keyword," then the TextPower system cannot tell what the intended destination is for that message and the user will receive an error.  

Here's how it works:

You send us a .CSV file exported from your CIS and we review, then import, the mobile numbers into our system. We scrub the list to determine which are mobile numbers and upload those to your account. You can then begin sending outage, storm, emergency or other information to your entire customer base immediately without an opt-in campaign.  You can also "tag" numbers with location IDs or the names of a group (e.g., "Elm Street Circuit" or "Conservation alerts" so that you can send messages to defined subsets of your database, too (see more about tags by CLICKING HERE).

After the initial upload you can keep the list update by using our spreadsheet upload function yourself at no additional charge other than looking up any numbers that did not previously appear in your .CSV file.

Watch a video about the Communications Assurance Program.

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