SnapID™ sounds great. But what protects my data on your servers?

  1. When an individual registers to use SnapID™ the data that they entered into our system is fully encrypted.  In fact, it is encrypted while it is still in the server's memory and before it is ever written to our database thus ensuring complete anonymity and protection of the data.
  2. All of the connections into our servers are SSL (secure). No data can be stolen en route between the point at which it is entered and our servers because it is encrypted as well.
  3. When websites enable their system to use SnapID™ they will have the option of encrypting the data before it ever leaves their site.  Therefore, even though the data is encrypted en-route and encrypted on our server they can encrypt it prior to even sending it.
  4. Finally, when a user or a website administrator logs into the SnapID™ system to add or change data they too must use the SnapID™ login process that ensures complete identity validation and authentication.
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