If my phone is lost or stolen, can anyone login to my accounts using it?

If you lose or misplace your phone, you are still protected with multiple layers of protection:  

  1. PIN: When setting up a SnapID™ account you can choose to activate a a PIN that will have to be placed before (prepended) or after (appended) the one-time-password (OTP) that you will text to login to your website.  Anyone other than you who has your phone wouldn't know the PIN and wouldn't know whether it had to be placed before or after the OTP.  It'll never appear on the screen and therefore anyone else with the phone wouldn't know what it was, that it had to be sent along with the OTP or what position it had to be in.
  2. Delegate: When setting up a SnapID™ account you can designate a "delegate" that will have the ability to suspend your access privileges by, of course, sending a simple text message to our system.  That way when you find the phone between the couch cushions the delegate can send another text to our system reactivating your access privileges.
  3. Carrier: If the phone is truly gone - dropped off the side of a boat or stolen - and must be replaced, you will have to tell the carrier so that the particular device is deactivated and your cell phone number is assigned to whatever new device replaces it.  When that happens you don’t need to do anything on your end to reactivate the phone with SnapID™.  The carrier and SnapID™ will take care of everything in the background.
  4. Phone Lock: Unlike traditional SMS two-factor authentication systems where any text received can be previewed on the lock screen, SnapID™ cannot be used when your phone is locked because you must send the text, which requires that the phone to be unlocked.
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