What is SnapID™?

SnapID™ is a text messaging-based single-step login and authentication product that completely eliminates usernames and passwords.  SnapID™ is based on the patented TextKey™ platform developed by TextPower, Inc.  With SnapID™ you will never have to remember, type, manage or reset another password.  No more lists, sticky notes or password managers to handle the dozens of login credentials we all use everyday.  To login, all you need to do is just send a simple text message via standard SMS.

  1. Click.  (On the “Sign In with SnapId™” button on a webpage where you want to login)
  2. Text.  (The one-time-password [OTP] to a phone number - both will appear on the screen upon clicking the “Sign In with SnapId™” button)
  3. Done.  (You are logged in)