Opt-Outs using different methods and whether numbers can be opted back in

Numbers can be removed easily using several available tools:

  1. Login to our customer portal and go to the Campaigns>Check Opt-In/Force Opt-Out page.  Enter the number into the search field and click Submit.  When the number appears there will be a list of all the keywords into which that number is opted in.  There will be a link labeled "Force Opt-out" that you can click to remove any number from any keyword.  
  2. You can easily remove a number by logging into AlertManager and using the "Manage List" function.  You can opt-out numbers on that page by searching for them and then clicking the "Opt-out Number/Email" button (the red one).  You will find a descriptive video of that process HERE
  3. You can upload a .CSV file of numbers, including those that are already opted-in (making it easy to manage your list from any standard spreadsheet application, such as Excel) and remove a number by simply placing a minus sign "-" (just above the letter "P" on your keyboard, without using the Shift key) in front of it.  For example, "-8185551212" (without the quotes) would remove that number from the opt-in list for the keyword into which you upload that .CSV file.  
  4. Customers can always opt themselves out by replying QUIT to any message that has been sent from our system to them.  They will receive a confirmation stating that they have been opted out and then no more messages will be sent to them.  

Regardless of which of these tools is used to opt-out a number it is important to note that once a number is opted out it cannot be opted back in by you through any method.  The only way that the mobile number can be opted back in is for the user to text the keyword from their phone to our system.  This protects you from TCPA violations by eliminating the possibility of inadvertently opting a number back in after it has been opted out.