What makes SnapID™ different when compared to other authentication products?

SnapID™ is a next-generation authentication system.  It replaces complex, costly and high-maintenance systems with a simple approach that leverages the power of advanced messaging technologies and a cellular phone’s “fingerprint.”

Many websites/companies haven’t taken the appropriate steps to secure their environment because of the complications and expense associated with two-factor authentication.  SnapID™ offers a way for companies of any size to implement authentication quickly and inexpensively.

The SnapID™ approach eliminates:

  1. Usernames & Passwords (when there is nothing to steal, there is nothing stolen)
  2. Need for a smartphone (SnapID™ is based on text messaging.  As long as the cell phone can send a text message, it can be used with SnapID™.)
  3. Significant up-front expense of other two-factor authentication systems
  4. Complex installation of hardware and/or software
  5. Man-in-the-Middle and Man-in-the-Browser attacks
  6. Purchasing and maintaining an inventory of “tokens”
  7. Tracking, replacing and maintaining these tokens
  8. Lost or misplaced tokens or insufficient supply when needed
  9. Learning curve for users
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