How can this be so simple to implement and yet so secure?

We’ve designed SnapID™ so that most of the work is on our end, not yours.  One simple block of code, which we provide to you, gets copied and pasted into the HTML on your login page.   Another block of code, which we also provide in PHP, .NET or Javascript, gets installed on your server to complete the secure communication between your server and ours.

While it's true that in an enterprise environment an admin can register SnapID™ users we don't need the user's website ID for SnapID™ as we do for TextKey™.  It bypasses that part of the process.  Individual users that are not "granted" SnapID™ login authorization by an enterprise admin will simply register on the SnapID™ central registration site.  Alternatively, websites that allow "auto-registration" (it's a variable parameter that we offer which is set by the website admin, not us) will let the user create and associate a SnapID™ account with that website in one step.

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