Is it difficult to integrate SnapID™ with my website?

If your website uses a simple user ID and password system, more than 90% of the work is already done.  Unlike other authentication products that might take days or weeks to install, SnapID™ can be installed on a typical website in a few hours.  Your mileage may vary, of course, but SnapID™ is designed so that our infrastructure does the heavy lifting; the majority of the code and processing occurs on our system, not yours. 

SnapID™ doesn’t require any hardware or software that might interfere with your regular operations.  It doesn’t require timing synchronization with your server or additional devices (tokens, key fobs, etc.) to be issued to your users, so it all happens quickly. 

Implementations may vary based on the complexity of your application, desired features, etc., but the only thing that is required for SnapID™ to work is to have a cell phone number associated with each user ID and to have that information registered on our system.

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