Installing SnapID™ on WordPress

1. Login to your WordPress website with your username and password. 


2. Once you login to your WordPress website dashboard click on the plugins link on the left side menu.


3. Once on the Plugins page, click on add new as highlighted in Red.


4. Search for SnapID™ using the top search bar.


5. Click on the Install Now button.


6. Once you installed the SnapID™ plugin, activate it.


7. Now that you are on the SnapID™ Settings Page it's time to register your website with SnapID™. Check the "Terms & Conditions" checkbox and click on the "Register with SnapID" button. 


8. You will be asked to text a code to a number. Follow the instructions.


9. That's it. Now your website is registered with SnapID™ and your WordPress login account is tied to your phone number using SnapID™. You can choose to leave the default Authentication Settings as is or play around with them. 


10. You are all set. Want to test it? Logout of your wordpress account and try logging in!