TextPower API features, functions and documentation

TextPower has two types of APIs: Basic and advanced. The basic are HTTP interfaces to and from TextPower. The basic APIs allow sending and receiving individual messages. The advanced APIs are SOAP/Web Service interfaces that allow bulk sending, carrier lookup, delivery status, web controlled Opt-In, database exchange between our servers and other functionality.

Our APIs manage Opt-In/Opt-Out lists, adhere to carrier compliance regulations, handle replies, process dialoging and voting, manage help and cancel messages and much more. APIs that are less robust allow sending and receiving messages. Those that give it away for free offer substantially less functionality than our APIs. 

SOAP (otherwise known to developers as "web services") make our server functions look like local functions on your server. It is like having an SMS Message Server right on your own server.

TextPower provides detailed information about its APIs to customers and prospects who sign a non-disclosure agreement.  We realize that many SMS companies publish their APIs broadly - they simply don't offer as much as we do and consider that a significant competitive advantage 

Contact us for access to our APIs.