Opted-out numbers are on a bulk upload list - does that opt them back in?

When a mobile user opts out of receiving text messages by sending a "STOP" command ("QUIT" and "CANCEL" also work) it removes them from the opt-in list for that particular keyword and they cannot be opted back in by uploading a list with that number on it.

This is due to carrier regulations which state that once someone opts out of a keyword the only way for them to opt back in is to proactively do it themselves using one of the two methods we provide:

  1. They can text the keyword into the short code directly from their mobile device.
  2. They can opt-in by using the signup page or widget (for which we provide the code), which will also require them receiving a confirmation code sent to their device in order to assure that they are not spamming the system by entering numbers randomly without permission of the users.

If you are using one of TextPower's bulk upload mechanisms to upload a list of numbers and this opted-out number appears on the list it will not be added to the opt-in list for that keyword.  

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