Error Message: "Above ASCII 127" Special or accented characters in text messages

Accented characters and other special characters that appear in what carrier refers to as 'ASCII' (a computer code translation table) above the first 127 acceptable characters is what is causing this error. Only 'standard' characters including the following are allowed:

• all alphabetic characters
• all numeric characters
• all standard American/English punctuation characters including: !@#$%^&*()-_=+[]{};:'',.<>?

Unfortunately there is no workaround for special characters that we recommend because different phones handle workarounds differently; what may work on an iPhone may not work on a Samsung or HTC and thus you run the risk of having messages appear distorted or inaccurately displayed on some phones.

This has been a known problem for a while and the carriers still have not corrected it. We apologize but have no control over what they will accept in an SMS message.

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