How Do I: Use AlertManager to send blast messages

Every TextPower account includes the use of all of our other services at no additional charge other than the cost of the messages. You can use our AlertManager web app to send messages to your members by simply logging in, typing a message, sending it immediately or scheduling it for later and determining whether to send it to the entire list or to a subset (a 'group') that you define easily when you enter or upload numbers.

There are several different ways of getting your list of numbers into our system and they are described HERE.  

You should note that according to the FCC and the TCPA regulations you can send messages with informational content - such as a 'beat the peak' message-  to anyone who has provided you with their cell phone number in the normal course of doing business without requiring them to opt-in. You can choose to have them opt-in if you wish, of course, but this is not a requirement for this type of message - opt-ins are only required for messages containing marketing content (e.g., 'The summer heat is here. Use your coop discount card to purchase an air conditioner at Joe's Hardware on Main Street.')

A webinar featuring one of the most knowledgeable and prominent attorneys in this area is available here:

Every current pricing plan includes a volume discount for messages. If you begin sending out large quantities of messages we will be happy to provide you with a higher-volume package that may better suit your needs.