Uploading lists of numbers to the TextPower system

TextPower can upload a complete list of numbers to your account so that you can send messages to that list or so that numbers that send messages to you (such as an outage message for a utility or a request for a delayed appearance for a court).  Without numbers being opted into your account, which occurs by them being assigned a "keyword," then the TextPower system cannot tell what the intended destination is for that message and the user will receive an error.  

The first thing that happens when you upload a list is that each number will be checked to see which are mobile numbers and which are landlines.  The mobile numbers will be added to whichever one of your keywords that you specify when sending us the file to upload.  Please use our "Communications Assurance Plan (CAP) file upload form" to send us files so that they are processed properly and promptly.  Files sent using regular email will not be processed; you will receive a response to your email directing you to use the form.  

TextPower must process the first upload to set up the database.  We charge a fee to do this up (please refer to your contract for the correct amount) and handle the first file upload for you.  After the first upload of these numbers you may wish to manage the process yourself rather than repeatedly paying the processing charge to TextPower.  You can do it yourself at no cost other than the small cost-per-number lookup fee (also specified in your contract) by following the instructions in our documentation and using the "Up/Download Opt-ins/Opt-Outs" page on the customer portal.  

The fundamental rules behind creating a file for uploading are:

  • The spreadsheet must be saved and submitted in a .CSV format. Excel or other native formats will be rejected.  
  • Column A must contain all of the phone numbers.  Any phone numbers in Columns B, C, D, etc., will be removed and will not be entered into the database.  Columns other than "A" are reserved for tags so numbers in those columns will not be properly entered!
  • Column A must have a phone number in every row starting with Row 2.  No blank spaces are allowed.
  • Row 1 is reserved for tag labels - use a descriptive term for the entries in this column.  It will not be stored anywhere on the TextPower system - this is for your use only.  
  • Columns B through I can contain "tags" - also referred to as "groups" - (further explanation below).  This function is designed to aggregate multiple phone numbers into a group that is a subset of your entire list so that you can send to any individual group rather than the entire list as needs dictate.  
  • In order to avoid having numbers automatically formatted into "Scientific Notation" by Excel be sure to format the entire worksheet as "Text."  This is simple and can be done in a couple of clicks.  Scientific Notation will take a tag that reads "183857.419" and changes it to "1.83857419E+5" and will disrupt automated outage reporting and other functions.  
    1. Click the small box that is above Row 1 and to the left of Column A.  It has some diagonal shading in it and is very easy to spot.  It is the uppermost and leftmost box in the spreadsheet.  If you have clicked the correct box every cell on the spreadsheet (not just those that have data in them) will be selected.  
    2. Go to the "Format" menu item at the top of the window.  NOT the menu item inside the spreadsheet but the one at the very top that is used for ALL spreadsheets.  Select the "Cells…" menu item.
    3. The "Format Cells" dialog box will open.  The "Number" tab is usually automatically selected but if for some reason it is not, select it by clicking on it. 
    4. Click the "Text" item in the column of options on the left side of that dialog box.  
    5. Click "OK"
  • Tags can also be unique to each individual number.  Many utilities in particular attach either a location ID, an account number or a meter number to a cell phone number.  This facilitates the integration of outage reports with an outage management system (OMS) through one of TextPower's partners such as Milsoft, DataVoice, SienaTech or PCS.  This way when a customer texts the word "out" into the system not only do we know which utility it is destined for (that's what the keywords are for) but the OMS will know which account/location/meter the outage is being reported on.  
  • You may have as many tags as you wish, and assign mobile numbers to one group, multiple groups or no groups at all.  
  • You can not use the same tag on more than 10,000 mobile numbers.  In other words no group can have more than that many numbers in it.  
  • The correct structure to enter phone numbers or assign them to groups in a spreadsheet is illustrated below.  Row 1 contains the tag names (you might refer to them as "labels") and Column A contains all of the phone numbers.  

Remember that you can assign any mobile number to one group, multiple groups or no group by uploading a list of the mobile numbers with the groups assigned to them.  Group names can be as long as 75 characters but may NOT include commas or spaces; all other punctuation or special characters are accepted.  

Note that terms tag, send tag, group and group name are all used interchangeably and refer to the same thing: a "label' that is applied to a mobile number that puts multiple numbers into a single "bucket" so that you can easily send to a subset of an entire list or for an account or location ID that is used by an outage management system to determine which location an outage is being reported on.  Numbers do not have to be assigned to any group or can be assigned to one or multiple groups.  

Once the upload/sync process is complete you can see the status of your upload by viewing a progress table on the Up/Download Opt-ins page.  The various categories of that table are described here:

Guide to Column Headings Shown in Table After A Bulk Upload

Column Title



Start Date of this Bulk Upload


Status of the upload(True=Done, False=Not Done)

Total Lines

The total number of lines in the uploaded spreadsheet


The total number of lines in the spreadsheet that have a fundamental error on them that precludes processing that line.(E.G. A cell number like 434666[too short to be a cell number] or an email address like joe@textpower[No top level domain address on it])


The total number of lines in the spreadsheet that look up as cell numbers

Not Cell#

The number of lines in the spreadsheet that have a valid looking phone number in them but are not cell numbers. These may be either landline numbers or unassigned numbers.

Cell#s Previous OptIn

The number of cell numbers found to be already opted in.

Cell#s New OptIn

The number of cell numbers that were newly opted in as a result of this upload.

Voice #s Previous Optin

The number of non-cell numbers found to be already opted in.

Voice #s New Optin

The number of non-cell numbers entered in the non-cell Number cache. This is done solely to avoid further lookup charges on your account. Non-Cell numbers cannot be sent to currently.

Email #s Previous Optin

The number of Email Addresses found to be already opted in.

Email #s New Optin

The number of Email Addresses that were newly opted in as a result of this upload.

Send Tags

The total number of Send Tags that were contained in this upload.


The total number of charged lookups that resulted from data in this upload. Lookups are necessary to find out if the number is a cell number.

Force Blocked

Number included in this upload that could not be opted in because they had previously been opted in but have since opted out. If a number opts out, it cannot be re-opted in from Bulk Upload.

If you think it would be helpful we can offer personalized training for your company; please contact us to arrange that (note that hourly charges may apply - we will advise you prior to setting up any personalized training). During this training someone on our team will show you exactly how the process works and from that point forward you will be able to manage all of your mobile numbers in one spreadsheet and then upload it whenever you wish to the TextPower system to update your information.

You can call us at 818.222.8600 x2 (tech support) but for the fastest support response email our support team.

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