How Do I: Get/Download A List of Opted-In and Opted-Out Numbers

Lists of numbers that have opted in and opted-out of a keyword are stored on the TextPower servers and are accessible on our customer portal.  This downloadable list also contains landline numbers that have been on your uploaded files, email addresses that are subscribed to receive messages in addition to mobile numbers and much more.  

This list is sent to all customers on a monthly basis; you can request to have them sent more frequently, too.  However, you may want to access this report on-demand and can easily do that.   Credentialed users can download a list for any of their keywords from the customer portal. Login to the customer portal here:

  1. After logging in be sure to select the correct campaign.  In most cases it will be the one that ends in "-Alerts" as shown here or "-Alerts-TFN" if you have a text-enabled toll-free number:Example-SelectCampaign.jpg
  2. Go to the menu item Campaigns>Up/Download Opt-ins/Opt-outs.Example-Select-Up-DownloadOptins.jpg
  3. Choose the keyword for which you want to download a list of numbers.Example-SelectKeywordDropdown.jpg
  4. Click the "Download Report" link at the bottom of the page:Example-DownloadReportButton.jpg
  5. A link saying "Report created! Click HERE to download it." will appear.Example-ReportCreatedLinkOnDownloadPage.jpg
  6. Click that link and file will be downloaded to your computer.  Here's an example:Example-ComprehensivePhoneNumberReport.jpg

You can find out more about the Comprehensive Phone Number Report in our detailed FAQ about it HERE.