How Do I: Add/Remove A Number (Opt a number in or opt it out)?

Adding or removing numbers from your lists - or "opting in" and "opting out" a number to use the technical terminology - is simple and intuitive using AlertManager.  

  1. After you've logged in click the "Manage Numbers" tab to get to that screen.  This is what you'll see:AlertManager-ManageNumbersScreen.jpg
  2. Let's take the opt-in first (adding a number to your list).  Enter the number you want to add in the field where it says "Enter Number (10 digits) or Email" and click the blue "Search for Number" button:AlertManager-ManageNumbers-AddNumber.jpg
  3. If the number is already opted in you'll see a message saying so.  If the number is not opted in you'll see a message telling you to click the green button "Opt in Number/Email."AlertManager-ManageNumbers-ClickOptinNumber.jpg
  4. You'll get a message telling you that the number has been opted in:AlertManager-NumberIsOptedIn.jpg
  5. If you attempt to opt-in a number that has previously opted out the system will not allow it.  You will receive a message stating that it cannot be opted back in:AlertManager-OptedOutNumberCannotBeOptedIn.jpg
  6. If you want to remove a number that is currently opted in just search for it the same way.  When it shows that the number has been opted in just click the red "Opt Out Number/Email" button:AlertManager-OptOutNumber.jpg

You can also assign tags to numbers to make them members of a group.  See THIS FAQ describing how to do that.