How Do I: Cancel or Delete Schedule Messages

If you have scheduled messages to go out sometime in the future, whether they are getting sent one or on a recurring basis, you may have the need to cancel those messages.  A planned outage might be canceled or removed, for example.  Or a staff meeting that once occurred every Tuesday at 9:00 AM is now going to occur every Monday at 10:00 AM.  

Canceling these scheduled messages is simple.  In AlertManager Pro go to the "Scheduled Messages" page.  Check the box to the left of the message(s) you want to remove from scheduled sending and click the red "Cancel Message(s)" button at the bottom of the page.  

Note that messages which have already been sent are shaded in red.  You can remove those from the list, too, if you prefer.  Just check the box to the left of the message entry and click the gray "Delete Completed Message(s)" to remove them. AlertManager-RemoveSentScheduledMessages.jpg