Chart Comparing Different Types of SMS Codes

There are several different types of "codes" (numerical sequences) that can be used for sending and receiving text messages through TextPower.  Each have their own pros and cons including cost, setup time, speed of message delivery and ease of use for two-way communication. This table is designed to help you sort through the various options to determine which one is best for your needs.

Features and Functions Shared Short Code Dedicated Short Code Dedicated 10-Digit Code
One-time setup fee $399 $5,000 $399
Monthly lease/hosting fee + 5000 msgs. $399 $750/$1250 (1) $99
Setup time requirement 1 Day 8-12 weeks 7-10 days
Content is audited by carriers  
Exclusively yours  
High-speed throughput (2)  
Mission-critical infrastructure
Easy APIs and Development
Best options for marketing  
Best options for mass alerts  
Best options for two-way communication  

(1) Lease/hosting fees vary depending on whether the requested dedicated short code is randomly selected by the Consolidated Short Code Authority (CSCA) or it is a "vanity" code - a five or six-digit code requested by the lessee which will be issued provided that it is available and does not violate the CSCA's standards.

(2) TextPower's throughput speeds for dedicated and shared short codes can be as high as 300 messages per second when bulk messages (i.e., the same message to many numbers) are sent.

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