Can I use TextPower to send RSA Authentication tokens or One-Time-Passwords?

TextPower's system can be easily set up to send RSA tokens, also known as "One Time Passwords" or "OTP."  Almost all of the setup is on the RSA side and can be done in just a few minutes.  TextPower cannot provide support for the general RSA configuration but will provide full support for the SMS Provider Configuration portion of the setup.


Note that parameter values that start with $ need to be set up in the RSA Authentication System.  Parameter values that are in bold are your TextPower credentials

Enter the details as stated below within the RSA SecurID SMS Provider Configuration.


Base URL:

HTTP Method:

Select GET


Copy and Paste the following string;


Account Username:

Enter a UserID from one of your existing UserIDs

Account Password:

Enter your TextPower password

Success Response Code:


Response Format:



If you need further assistance simply send email to  We want to make sure that you get the best use out of our system so don't hesitate to ask for additional help.