My Account menu

The "My Account" menu contains the basic controls and parameters for your logins and portal configuration.  Here you will find the ability to change your password, adjust your time zone and much more.  Each item is described below:

  • Login: Takes you to the main login page where you can enter your credentials (or save them by checking the "Save my information" checkbox).  Click the "Login" button after you have entered your ID and password in the appropriate fields.  These credentials were provided to you in the QuickStart Guide issued to you upon activation of your account.  If you do not have them please email TextPower support and will assist you after confirming that you are supposed to have access to the account.  
  • Logout: Immediately and securely logs you out of the current session.  No additional menu items or messages are shown after clicking this button.  You will immediately be taken back to the Login page.
  • Password/Time Zone: Takes you to a page where you can change your password and adjust your time zone.  Your time zone is set using the information provided to us in the "New Customer Setup" form that someone in your company filled out to activate your account.  You can even select a box to deactivate the observation of Daylight Savings Time (some parts of the U.S do not observe this clock modification).
  • Support/FAQs: Takes you to the main level of the support pages.  Search by title of article or use the handy "Search" function at the top to enter any keyword or menu item for which you want more detailed documentation.
  • Documentation: This page contains links to TextPower's most important documentation covering everything from how to use our online apps to detailed technical information about our APIs.  It is broken up into sections for easy reference but you can also search for any specific term by clicking the "Search all documentation simultaneously by a keyword" link and entering anything in the search bar at the top.