Suspended by Carrier (or CAS) status and removal

Suspended by carrier (or the abbreviation “CAS” for carrier-suspended used on our display pages) indicates that a carrier has suspended the use of that mobile number. This suspension does not apply to only TextPower or to text messages but to all services.

These suspensions may also affect the number of opt-ins displayed for a keyword and the number of messages which can actually be sent for that keyword.  Read our more detailed explanation about why opt-in stats may differ from the number of phones to which you can actually send a text.

Any phone that is shown as suspended by the carrier will not be able to receive text messages from TextPower or anyone else. This suspension can ONLY be removed by the carrier. It does occasionally occur when someone ports their number from one carrier to another and in rare circumstances if someone assigns their phone number to a new phone.  Currently only Verizon Wireless invokes this suspended status but other carriers retain the right to do so and may begin doing so at any time.

If the suspension occurs for some reason other than non-payment it typically will disappear within a day or two on its own but there is a way to forcibly reset/remove the block if it is not for non-payment: 

Go to the TextPower portal and use the Campaigns>Check Opt-ins / Force Opt-outs option. Enter the phone number, click Search and the result should appear with the designation “CAS” next to it in red. Click the “Delete” button next to it and then opt that customer back in by having them text the keyword or using the force opt-in process.

NOTE: This is completely different than the "Suspended" status that can be applied to any number in order to prevent them from receiving messages while not completely opting the number out.  This can be done via an API call, a file upload or other methods. Suspended numbers can also be reactivated by the end-user via an MO containing the keyword.